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Freelance Service by HydraGene Engineering

HydraGene Engineering does not only engineer for itself, but also for entities in need of decent help.
Sometimes entities just don't have the necessary resources, knowledge or experience. HydraGene Engineering may have!
Contact HydraGene Projects for the possibilities.

Hourly rate: 15 EUR
Specialty: Automotive, Security
Materials: aluminium, carbon fiber, titanium
Knowledge: mechanics, motion mechanics, milling, casting, electrical engineering(low), aerodynamics/hydrodynamics(low)

However, HydraGene Engineering can work in different sectors with different materials.
Freelancer services require a form of contract. This is required to protect the user and HGP.
The contract will be a Plan of Approach, in which the following is described:
1. Background
2. Assignment
3. Project Activities
4. Project Boundaries
5. Products
6. Quality-control
7. Project Organization
8. Planning
9. Costs and Benefits
10. Risks

This document (preferably in .pdf format) will be manually or digitally signed by the user, after approval of HGP and the user.
You can also find us at Freelancer.com!