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About HydraGene Projects

HydraGene Projects is a free independent company founded in 2014 and, at the moment, run by one young professional. Starting from 2014, HGP is an unregistered company offering its own products and services to any third-party.
Now HydraGene Projects is divided into three separate divisions, HydraGene Entertainment, HydraGene Web and HydraGene Engineering. With HydraGene Engineering as the main-division.

HG Engineering provides any kind of automotive and security engineering/design services. If any third-party needs help with any automotive/security project, do not hesitate to contact HGP to talk about the possibilities. HGP also develops, from the first concept to production, its own automotive/security products. However, one main-project stands out.
The development of an automotive system which has to make the car run, indirectly, on water! However, this project is expected to take several years before there is even a prototype...

HG Entertainment provides complete story-lines, which ultimately can be used to make a movie, series, book or game. And all story-lines are created by a free and open community!
Through the fun of role-playing, users (and guest-visitors) create several unique story-lines together. Maintained by a forum, the people decide if they want to start a story for sale or for free. The people are in control. After a story is completed, HG Entertainment will make it publicly available on its website. Any party interested in buying story-lines for sale may contact HGP. The income generated, will be divided as following. HGP takes a 10% fee, the other 90% is divided among any user that cooperated in the story depending on its degree of participation.

HG Web provides, at the moment, only website design (HTML, CSS) services.
With state-of-the-art designs, the website of any third-party will look simple but catching. Codes, implemented in a way like never before, are used to create these unique web-designs. HG Web will give web-surfers an exciting new surfing-experience.